Startup Weekend FAQs


“There are only seven days in the week, and someday isn’t one of them”

Startup Weekend is a 54 hour long event in which members of a community work together to bring amazing projects to life and at the end, if they’re lucky (and very good), win more than $10,000 worth of prizes to take their project to the next level.

We’re telling you because we want you to get involved. We want you to join a team, and create something amazing. So, we’re here today to answer some questions you might have about the event.


Is Startup Weekend for me? 

If you’re still reading, then yes, it is. No question.


I have a full time job, and I don’t plan to leave it anytime soon/I don’t want to be an entrepreneur. Are you sure Startup Weekend is for me?

Yes, we are really sure. Startup weekend isn’t a job interview, it isn’t a commitment to quit your job and jump into a risky startup venture. Startup Weekend is, at its core, about two things.

1. Meeting amazing people who can help you/you can help now and in the future.

2. Creating something cool you can be proud of.


I have an idea (ok, more like a million fuzzy, half-ideas), but I’m not sure it’s ready or what you’re looking for. What do I do?

Sign up! The great thing about Startup Weekend is that you’ll have a roomful of people (including experts you’d never have access to anywhere else) to bounce your idea off of and get feedback from. If you think you’re idea has potential, pitch and see what other people think.


If I’m not looking to start a business, why bother with something like Startup Weekend?

It’s just simple math.

Awesome (you) + Awesome (your fellow participants) +Awesome (your project) = Universe Ripping Epicness (or Ax3=URE… It’s fact and  it rhymes)

Oh, and at the end we might give you stuff. Can you really say no to that?

What you get out of Startup Weekend will depend on you, but you won’t regret participating. Some people find their next business venture, some people make new friends, some people make contacts that help them find their next job, some people just earn mad bragging rights. It’s what you make it.

Oh, and did we mention the Epicness? We really can’t emphasize that enough.


I like to eat and watch LSU football. Where do you stand on that?

We love that too! That’s why we plan to feed you well, and planned this weekend for LSU’s bye, oh, but hey, we are going to watch the Saints play Denver together Sunday night if you care to join us.


Ok, those are all the questions we can think of clever ways to answer, but they’re really all saying the same thing. If you’re thinking about Startup Weekend right now, it’s because you should sign up. No really. Right now. Sign up.

Don’t wait for someday, join us for Shreveport Bossier Startup Weekend October 26 – 28th and make something amazing happen now!